Updating roster madden 10 ps2 updating roster madden 10 ps2

Experience first-hand what it's like to "Fight for Every Yard" in Madden NFL 10.

With the all-new Pro-Tak animation technology, players have more control over the outcome of each play.

There’s clearly very little focus on the platform, and it shows. Nagging issues aside, for the most part Madden remains a powerhouse of gridiron content, albeit one we’ve mostly seen and played before.

Sure, there’s more than enough football to keep you busy for months on end. We continue to find ourselves pleasantly surprised by little nuggets of awesome that surface with each game, such as tip-toe sideline catches and vicious, fumble-inducing hits.

The new Fight for the Fumble minigame isn’t cheesy at all, either, adding a nifty little button-masher to the mix.

Even so, there aren’t a lot of equations that end with a “Yes” when the question is “Should I pick up Madden 10 for the PS2?

Bloomberg is reporting that EA's John Ricitiello is displeased with the sales performance of Madden this year (via Joystiq).

Though Madden NFL 10 is the highest-reviewed Madden in a long while, Ricitiello sees the poor sales as an indicator of the troubles that the industry is facing as a whole.

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“Move Forward” is a common phrase in the sports world. Someone else needs to step up so you can Move Forward. Sometimes it’s a split second, other times it’s long enough to make us worry that the game might have actually seized up on us.

Your coach has an indiscretion with someone else’s wife? Teams have conditioned themselves to forget about whatever’s just happened, almost from the instant it occurs. In many ways, Madden 10 on the PS2 is all about Moving Forward. By now, this should’ve been addressed – especially when we’re charged a full .