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He recalled that he never thought about the possibility of becoming a priest until he was “struck” by the Holy Spirit while studying for a high school Latin test.

He was not really enthusiastic about church while he was growing up recalling, “I was drifting away as I was getting to be an older teenager and quite possibly would have left the church after a while the way I was going.” During a senior year retreat, a priest spoke about vocations to the priesthood.

For information as to these see RELIGIOUS ORDERS, and the article on the particular order or congregation required.

(1) Origin Any discussion of pre-Christian asceticism is outside the scope of this article.

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His father said, “You can’t do that, it’s a waste of a life.” And his brother told him, “You are out of your mind.” Looking back, Fr.

So too, any question of Jewish asceticism as exemplified in the Essenes or Therapeutae of Philo's "De Vita Contemplativa" is excluded.

It has already been pointed out that the monastic ideal is an ascetic one, but it would be wrong to say that the earliest Christian asceticism was monastic.

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